Getting started with AV1

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Get familiar with AV1

We have created this step by step guide to support you in setting up your AV1 at school. Aimed at teachers and IT staff, it will take you through the steps required to get your AV1 ready for your student to use.

We recommend that you familiarise yourself with AV1 and make sure it works before handing it out to the student.

This article differs based on which model of AV1 you have. Which model you have is stated on the label found on the package. 

Charging AV1

Get started - model AV2 

  1. Connect AV1 to the charger
  2. Turn on AV1 by clicking the small button on the back
  3. The light strip on the front will start to blink.
    When the blinking stops and the lights turn solid, AV1 is ready for use.
 If AV1 is blinking or pulsating with red it means AV1 is in an area with poor cellular coverage. Please try to move AV1 or add a WiFi-network.

Get started - AV1(b)

  1. Plug AV1 into an outlet
  2. AV1 will turn on. The head and the bottom front lights will light up.

    After a few minutes, the headlights will change from a red cross to green.
    AV1 is now ready for use.
If the head has not turned green after 5 minutes, AV1 is in an area with poor mobile coverage. Please try to move AV1 or add a WiFi-network.

 Download the AV1 app

Download the AV1 app onto your phone or tablet, available from the App Store or Google Play Store.

If you are testing AV1 on a different device than the student will use later, you will have to request a new keyword later.

 Download the AV1 Assistant app

The AV1 Assistant App is a resource for teachers, IT-staff, parents or guardians who administer one or several AV1 robots for their own child, or for children who use the robot at their school.

Through the Assistant app, you can easily check the robot’s status, manage WiFi networks, access troubleshooting, look up resources and chat with customer support.

The Assistant App is downloaded to the Assistant's own phone or tablet, and is available in App Store and Google play store.

Test the AV1

In the AV1 app (red logo) enter the keyword either provided in the box or via email. You’ll need to make a memorable pincode for testing purposes, and you’ll need to accept the T&Cs.

What is a keyword? A keyword is a single-use code that syncs your device to the AV1 via an end-to-end encryption.

You can add WiFi via the settings cog on the home screen.

Now you can test AV1. Find the mute button in the app (bottom left) so that if you are in the same room as the AV1, you don’t get feedback noises! We recommend testing AV1 in different areas of the school and trying out all the features.

Now everything is up and running at the school, you can hand the AV1 over to the class teacher. You have used the single-use keyword during the testing procedure, so you will need to request a new keyword to give to the student who will use AV1.

Keywords can be requested via phone, livechat or by emailing (quoting the AV1 serial number).

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