Social Distancing - adding a WiFi network remotely

Updated 2 months ago by Ina Lober

Due to the current social distancing guidance, we recommend setting up KOMP before delivering it to your relative.

If you haven't purchased a 4G internet subscription with us, you need to add WiFi to KOMP for it to work. The first time you set up KOMP, you need to connect to the device through Bluetooth, and therefore you need to be in the same room as KOMP.

You can then add the WiFi details of the network where KOMP will eventually be placed, manually. You will need to type in the network name (SSID) and password into the KOMP app. It is possible to add your own network first in order to get familiar with KOMP and add your relative's network at a later time.

Once your relative's network is added, you can send the KOMP to your relative, and it should pick up the network when the KOMP is plugged in. Please note, some public networks (e.g. a guest network in a care home) are protected by captive portals. This is not a problem, but it might stop the KOMP from automatically connecting with the network when plugged in. If you wish to connect KOMP to a network in a care home or similar, we recommend discussing our network requirements with the designated IT-department. Please click here for the network requirements on KOMP.

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