Create, edit and delete a group

Updated 2 months ago by Anders Ruud Sørli

Create a group

  1. Click Groups in the application menu
  2. Click Create
  3. Type the group name and, optionally, a description

Add staff members to a group

Staff members must be part of a group to access Komps

  1. Go to Staff members, click Add
  2. Choose a staff members
  3. Click Save

Add Komps to a group

  1. Go to Komps, click Add
  2. Choose a Komp
  3. Click Save

Create a subgroup

  1. Go to subgroups, click Create
  2. Follow the steps above

Edit a group

Click edit if you want to change the group name or description.

Save your changes when you are done editing.

Delete a group

Go to the group you want to delete and scroll down to the bottom of the page.

Click Delete this group and follow the steps given.

Only system administrators and group managers can delete a group.

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