Keywords and secret code

Updated 9 months ago by Johanna Dovander

What is a keyword?

AV1’s keyword is used to link a user’s tablet or phone to an AV1, and it can only be used one time. This is to make sure that only one device is connected to AV1, and that the correct user gets access.

When do I use the keyword?

You need to use a keyword when:

  • You connect to AV1 the first time. Use the keyword provided in the box or via email.
  • When you switch device, e.g. if you connect with your smartphone but want to use a tablet instead.
  • A new user connects to AV1

For safety reasons, we only send keywords to the registered AV1 customer or a contact person they have specified. We do not send keywords via chat.

A teacher, guardian or IT-staff can also use the keyword once to connect to the AV1 Assistant app.

Secret code

As an extra layer of security, the child or young person also creates their own 4 digit pin code they need to use each time they enter the app. This should remain secret to them and can be changed in the settings section in the AV1 app.

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