How do I add an AV1 to my AV1 Assistant app?

You have to download the AV1 Assistant app from App Store or Google Play and create a profile before you can add an AV1.

If you are the first to register as an assistant you can use the keyword that the pupil used when setting up AV1. If an assistant is registered, you have to be added by the registered assistant or from the AV1 app.

Adding an AV1 can be done from the AV1 app or the AV1 Assistant app.

I am the first to register as an assistant.

  1. From the “Home” tab, tap the “Add AV1”-icon in the top right corner
  2. Enter the keyword the pupil used when setting up AV1. 
This can be found on the big card in the box, or through the MyAdmin portal
  3. You can add a nickname to the AV1 to make it easier to recognise. This could e.g. be the name of the person using the robot. The nickname is only visible for you. If you want to do this later, you can find it under “Settings” → “Edit name”.

I need to be added as an assistant

  1. From “Settings”, tap “Assistants”
  2. Tap the button labelled “Add an assistant”
  3. Enter the phone number registered on the assistant's profile and tap “Next”
  4. Confirm that it’s the intended assistant by verifying the first name and role
  5. The assistant will receive a notification that an AV1 has been added.
    If the AV1 does not appear after opening the AV1 Assistant app, restart the app.

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