Have you received a pop-up asking you to start a 4G subscription?

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If you have received a pop-up asking you to start a 4G subscription, you have been using Komp's 4G for a while, free of charge. When you purchased Komp, you had two options: Include a 4G subscription or use existing WiFi. If you chose to connect to WiFi and for some reason did not successfully connect, Komp has connected to 4G via its integrated SIM card. We are continuously developing Komp to make sure it works as smoothly as possible, and now the system for 4G subscription through the Komp-app is ready. This means that for some customers, 4G has been available free of charge, but from now on you need to have an active subscription. If there is WiFi available, you can add this to the Komp through the app. If you need some time to find the network details, tap the “remind me later” option and add WiFi at your earliest convenience to make sure you don’t lose connection to your Komp. Customers that do not add WiFi or start a 4G subscription will lose connection to the Komp, as it is dependent on an internet connection to function. If you have connected the Komp to WiFi and you still receive this message, please double check that the details of the network are correct.

To start a 4G subscription through the app, please follow these easy steps: 

  1. Choose the sign for settings (cogwheel) at the top right in the app 
  2. Scroll down to “additional services” and choose 4G subscription 
  3. Choose “start subscription” and you are good to go! 

More information about purchasing a 4G subscription

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