Subscriptions and returns

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All AV1 customers need an active subscription in order for their AV1 to work. If the AV1 is purchased, the service package represents the subscription. The subscription will have a start date and an end-date. 

The service package includes unlimited 4G/3G data usage over the cellular network in your country of purchase. Your service package is valid in your country of purchase, and can also be used in the EU/EEA. If you are renting an AV1, the service package is included in the rental price.

If you want to pause your subscription during an active service package, this is possible for a maximum of two months if you have an active service package with a minimum of 12 months. Just contact us and we will sort it out. 

Automatic software upgrades

Your AV1 service package includes automatic software upgrades to the latest version available. Your current software version can be read in-app, or by contacting customer support. 

Free service

In the event of manufacturing hardware defects, No Isolation will repair the unit free of charge as long as the unit has an active AV1 service package.


If the Avatar needs service, please contact us at the following channels, and we will send you all required documents to return the AV1 to No Isolation, as well as organise a pick-up by the courier. 

When your rental period is over, we will send an automatic invoice for renewal of the rental period. If you want to cancel the rental after the period, contact us before the rental period ends, and we will sort out a pickup for the robot. 

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